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What We Offer

Detailed Drawings

Detailed drawings of form and accessory placement are provided to make setting up simple.

On Site Training

We can provide onsite training when required for a minimal fee.

Form Repair

In most cases when a form is damaged we have the ability to repair it at our facility.

Pour Ready Process

Untreated Forms on First Pour

When casting with new aluminum forms that have not been seasoned you will experience a chemical reaction.

The chemical reaction has two effects. First, the wall will have a unsightly appearance and second, sticking of concrete residue to the form face. There is no damage to the concrete or the forms, it is purely aesthetic and also time consuming to remove the concrete build up. History tells us this reaction will subside in 3 – 5 pours if nothing is done. Time and labor and explanations will be involved without seasoning. the Precise Forms Pour Ready minimizes this effect from the first pour!

Treated Forms on First Pour

With the Precise Pour Ready Process your equipment comes to the job site ready to pour.

The Precise Pour Ready Process is done on new aluminum forms at the factory. The process treats the entire form not just the face of the form. This eliminates the cost of labor and safety concerns to prepare the forms by your crew members.

The Pour Ready Process minimizes unsightly oxidation or “worming” on the concrete surface from the reaction of the initial pour. When used with a quality reactive form release agent the Pour Ready Process minimizes concrete from sticking on aluminum forms during initial pours.

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