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Smooth Aluminum Precast Form with 6-12 Hole Pattern

Aluminum Precast Form
Precast Form Brace


The 4” channel brace was designed for the 6-12” hole pattern. The sides of the 4” channel are serrated for easier handling. To add strength, an internal stiff back is added to the center of the brace. The bottom of the legs are enlarged and combined with the .125 aluminum sheet, ensures a solid base for deeper welds.

Precast Form Siderail


The hole pattern that is used on the siderail is duplicated in the endrail to allow stacking as well as laying the forms down. The endrail is notched to receive the face sheet since the ends of the forms are usually the most abused part of the form. By notching the endrails you protect the face sheet from abuse and prevents it from curling.

Precast Form corner gussets


Precise Forms incorporates the thickest corner gusset on the market. Our corner gusset is a full 1/4” plate. Corner gussets provide extra support and strength for the corners. In addition they prevent concrete build up and make cleaning the forms easier.


Designed to withstand loads placed on it during the pouring procedure. Flat on the inside so a good butt weld can be achieved. Convex on the outside to release concrete easily. Double contact points eliminate offsets produced by single contact siderails.


A specific weld pattern is used to dissipate as much heat as possible. This pattern welding method minimizes the amount of distortion. Argon gas is used for a shield to purify the welding procedure to ensure clean welds.


The steel ring bushing is preferred by most of our customers. The hardness of the bushing is the key, as the pins and wedges are heat treated to the same hardness. This way the contractor will not have one item cutting into the other thus extending the life of the entire system.

Precast Form bushing

Precast Form Systems

Precast form monolithic

Monolithic Castings

Create a 5 sided casting with a single pour.
Precast form pallet and header

Pallet and Header Forms

Reduce your labor for pallet and header installations while increasing the accuracy.
Precast Gang Forms

Precast Dominator Forms

This system can be quickly hand set or gang formed for rapid setting and stripping without the need to add additional hardware.

Custom precast concrete forms

Custom Precast Forms

Precise Forms can create custom formwork to meet almost any precast or concrete construction need.

Precast concrete form accessories

Precast Form Accessories

A wide range of accessories available for Precast Aluminum Forming Systems.
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