Pallet and Header

Reduce your labor for pallet and header installations while increasing the accuracy of the joint connections.

Create Water Tight Seals:

Clean and accurate joint connections create water tight seals when joining castings.

stacked precast concrete castings

With the Precise Forms pallet and header, a clear 7/16″ annular space is designed to conform to most engineering criteria. They are manufactured with increased wall thickness on the extrusions to extend life and durability. The forms are designed for fast and accurate joint construction.

Haunch Corners

Haunch corners are a standard and can be manufactured to any specific size and design. Precise Forms can also produce Haunch corners for monolithic castings.

precast haunch corner
precast haunch corner
precast pallet form

Precast Pallet Form

precast header form

Precast Header Form

pallet and header with riser forms

Pallet and Header with Riser Forms

precast concrete casting
precast concrete casting
precast concrete casting

About this Process

Fast and accurate Joint Forming with 7/16” annular space every time.

Precast Riser Form System

precast riser form

Precast Riser Form

The Precise Precast Riser Form is designed to work in conjunction with the Precast Pallet and Header System. It will greatly reduce the cost of labor and lumber while constructing Pallet Stools for various riser heights. The All-Aluminum Riser Form is bolted together ensuring that the casting is square due to the 90 degree corners.

precast riser form

Adjustable Height

Predrilled holes in the Riser Form allows the 4X4 wooden support to be nailed or screwed into place. This provides unlimited vertical adjustment of the riser casting.

You can create any riser casting height! The Precast Aluminum Riser Form virtually eliminates the degradation of lumber that occurs when wooden stools get wet or exposed to concrete therefore reducing your long-term cost!

precast riser form

Pallet Forms on Risers

Once the Pallet Forms are placed onto the Riser Forms, assembly continues as usual. Core Forms are set, embeds and rebar is placed, Jacket Forms are set inserting the required wall ties, and the Header Forms are pinned into place on top of the Jacket Forms.

 If you have multiple casting of the same size you simply pick the casting off of the Riser Forms and you are ready for the next casting without breaking it apart and reassembling.


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