Precast Monolithic Casting

This is the fastest and most efficient method of a monolithic pour which allows for accuracy and cost reduction when casting, therefore creating increased production and profits.

Also Known As:

Monolithic Casting is also referred to as a 5 sided casting.

Monolithic Deck Form

Precast monolithic deck form

Detailed Monolithic Form Layout

Click the image to view a detailed drawing of a typical monolithic design. It also shows details of how the riser and header system can be used in a monolithic casting.

Three Easy Steps

Precast monolithic deck form

Set Forms and Reinforcement

Precast monolithic deck form

Pour Concrete

Precast monolithic deck form

Strip Forms

Reduce water infiltration

Reduce the problem of water infiltration by creating the casting in a single pour. Monolithic pours are the most efficient way to produce castings if you can flip the casting over to strip the inside. With the addition of the Precise Forms Deck Adapter it is completed, in most cases, with the same forms used for wall construction set in the horizontal configuration.

Additional Accessories

Precast deck adapter system

Deck Adapter System

Make monolithic pours of a five sided box with the Precise Forms Deck Adapter system. This system allows the pouring of the walls and deck in a single pour. The deck system can be lifted into position and removed as a single unit. Once the deck plate is assembled, there is no need to break it down which allows multiple pours and saves labor expense to assemble the deck multiple times.

Precast lifting rings

Lifting Rings

Precise Forms has designed the lifting system to work in both the setting and stripping procedure. The lifting rings are attached to a counter sunk bolt on the concrete side. Once the deck is in position and the rings are removed, the bolt seats in a position that allows for a smooth flat concrete deck. When the casting is flipped into the stripping position, the bolts project on the under side to allow for the connection of the lifting rings and one piece removal of the deck plate.

Precast haunch corners

Haunch Corners

Cast Box Culverts with ease utilizing the Precise Forms Haunch Inside corners. Haunch corners are a standard for Precise Forms and can be manufactured to any specific size and design. Precise Forms can also produce Haunch corners for monolithic castings if required.

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