Precise Precast Forms

Aluminum precast forms provide rapid setting and stripping.

Precise Precast Forms are designed for today’s competitive Precaster.

A small sample of products that can be created with aluminum precast forms.

A small sample of products that can be created with aluminum precast forms.

Box & 3-Sided Culverts

Precast concrete box and 3-sided culverts are incredibly versatile. They can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes and configurations.


Whether you want to replace a deficient structure, span a roadway or water, or create a tunnel, precast concrete bridge components provide the perfect solution.

Curb Inlets and Catch Basins

Precast concrete stormwater management products provide decades of hassle-free service. Concrete curb inlets and catch basins collect surface-level stormwater runoff and divert it to underground infrastructure. They can be manufactured in a variety of sizes to meet state and local standards.

Grease Interceptors

Precast concrete grease interceptors remove grease byproducts from the waste stream. They bring the water to acceptable effluent standards before discharging it into a sanitary sewer system. The captured grease can be easily collected for a beneficial repurpose or proper disposal.

Wastewater Tanks

Quality precast concrete tanks are designed to be sound, watertight, and withstand loads that other materials cannot bear. A routinely serviced septic tank or related on-site wastewater system component will provide many decades of trouble-free service.

Underground Utility Products

Precast concrete underground utility structures are a perfect example of value-added engineering. Utility equipment and accessory items such as racks, ladders, hatches, frames, covers or climate control units can all be preinstalled. This saves considerable time and money on your underground utility project.

Our precast form kits allow you to create a wide variety of sizes and shapes with a single set of forms. Please contact us with your most commonly used sizes and we can create a custom precast form kit just for you. You can also email us at with specific designs you would like included to fulfill specific requirements.

Why Choose
Precise Forms


Experienced Salesteam

The most knowledgeable sales representatives in the forming and precast industry.

Robotic Welding

Precise Forms extensively uses robotic welding to ensure strong and consistent welds.

CNC Technology

Using the latest in CNC technology we are able to cut custom patterns in facesheet with extreme precision.

Over 50 Years Experience

Precise Forms has been manufacturing the highest quality aluminum forms since 1967.

Rapid Setting and Stripping

precast concrete forms

The Precise Forms 36″ modulation reduces the number of forms handled by 33% over the traditional 24″ wide plywood forming systems. This cuts labor costs and minimizes crew fatigue.

A 36″ wide aluminum form has 50% more square footage of face sheet compared to a 24″ wide steel and plywood form with approximately the same weight.

We are proud to be a member of the NPCA (National Precast Concrete Association) since 1993. Precise Forms is committed to providing the highest quality forming products to the precast industry.

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precast concrete forms

Aluminum Precast Forms

See details on how our aluminum precast forms are designed to provide rapid setting and stripping.

precast concrete forms

Pallet and Header Forms

Reduce your labor for pallet and header installations while increasing the accuracy.
precast concrete forms

Precast Dominator Forms

This system can be quickly hand set or gang formed for rapid setting and stripping without the need to add additional hardware.
Custom precast concrete forms

Custom Precast Forms

Precise Forms can create custom formwork to meet almost any precast or concrete construction need.

precast concrete forms

Monolithic Precast Castings

Create a five sided casting with a single pour. Monolithic casting reduces water infiltration.
Precast concrete form accessories

Precast Form Accessories

A wide range of accessories available for Precast Aluminum Forming Systems.

For information on other aluminum forming systems available visit Precise Forms. Vinyl window information can be viewed at Simply Egress Solutions. For additional photos please visit our Precast Facebook Album.

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